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New Steam Games You Should Definitely Try This Year

Pc gaming is all about staying ahead and on top of the game. But how can you do that if you do not have the latest PC gaming news at your fingertips?

Notably, it can be hard to keep up with Steam when it comes to their game releases just like best payout casino online games. Of course, they are trying to give the best gaming experience but it means you constantly have to try and keep in touch.

Here are some of Steam’s game recent PC gaming releases that you should definitely try this instant.


If you are a fan of those action-packed games then this the game you should definitely try out first before any other PC game.

The game was released on February 12 this year and is a creation of Northgard and Evoland. The game comes with action, horde mode traps, four classes of noble survivor and five opposing revenant baddies.

The survival aspect of the game is that you have to make sure to utilize resources in the best way possible. After that, everything else will fall into the right place.

Boris and the Dark Survival

I am sure that the name itself will give you the hint that this PC game has some aspect of horror in it that you need to look out for. The good side is the horror also comes with a comical part to it.

Tips on survival tactics are that you need to have good stamina and eat. Starving is definitely not an option in this PC game. The fun part of this game is that the gaming levels are random. Which means that you never know what to expect from this game. However, in online casino games, you can predicts what’s going to happen especially when we still have sites like rivernilecasino which give gamblers a full game review before the release.


This game was released on Valentine’s Day for those love-struck PC gamers out there. The game is 30 minutes long and it simply looks at Florence and her love story. Therefore, if you are looking for that thing to leave you in a lover’s bliss, then you can take a thirty minute PC Gaming break on this beautiful love story.

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