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Self Publishing Is Here To Stay

Publishers are always on the lookout for great talents. A decade ago, the only way you would be able to publish your manuscript is to come to the publishers and present them with your work. Most of the manuscripts are added into the pile of other manuscripts that they have to read in case they want to find great writers. Once they have selected a writer, they will help them to polish their work with a few adjustments. Writers have to work with what the publishing company wants in order for their work to be published.

Large publishers like the Scholastic Corporation still have the final say on what your book will look like in the end before publishing it. Some may not be happy with how their work has been edited while others approve of the different changes made. If you wish to work with them, you can read Maureen O’Connell Scholastic reviews to know what to expect from them. In this way, you will get to know more about your publisher and be able adjust your work according to what they are looking for.

On the other hand, writers can also choose to publish themselves. Through the use of technology, eBooks have an increase in demand and these eBooks can be published without having to do so many edits just to make the publishing company happy with the work done. Many writers result in doing the publishing themselves because it is now made easy through technology. They can now provide eBooks or even audio books to clients. Now writers can get direct feedback of their work from the actual readers. Here is rundown on how it is done.

1. An idea- It all starts with an idea in the writer’s head. The writer then begins to build the story for the book. Once the draft is done, the writer will read what is written then check and edit what needs to be changed. Some writers ask their friends and family members to read their work and give their feedback. The work of the author can now be polished and checked so that any errors will be lessened.

2. The manuscript can now be given to the editor who can further check your work and make necessary changes so you better find one that you can stand working with.

3. The manuscript can now be published by simply changing the format that the publisher accepts. There are different programs available which can be used to make it easier for you to change their format. Once the right format is achieved, the manuscript can now be published in different publishing sites available online. This book can now be on sale after a few minutes and you can expect profit anytime someone buys your book from the different websites you published it with.

4. With the print-on-demand technology, paperback copies can be produced only when the customer requests a paperback copy.

5. Now that the book is published, the writer still needs to market the book so that more people will get to know it and buy it. The writer can also do this online but you will have to be creative to get the attention of the public. This may also require a lot of work and time to become successful and some writers don’t want to deal with it so they just agents so that they can concentrate on writing.

CPA Exam Tips

Certified Public Accountant is one of the most prestigious posts or designations that are acquired by the people looking to become financial advisors and analysts. A CPA looks after the financial accounting, analysis, reporting, etc. The main function of the CPA is to assess the income and expenses of the firm or a business and then point out some flaws and finally figure a way out to save taxes and cut down on expenses without causing any damage to the company’s status.

A CPA needs to go past some hurdles which are the CPA exam, certifications and some working experience in order to get a license and practice independently or get involved permanently with a firm. The CPA exam or the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination is the exam taken by the candidates to further apply for experience certifications. It is one of the hardest exams and is managed by AICPA and NASBA, the two most reputed accountancy boards in the nation. As the exam duration is too long and the syllabus is quite vast, it takes a lot of effort and time to prepare for this exam.

Here, we get to some useful and important tips that you should always remember if you do want to take this exam and qualify with flying colours:

1. Work Daily: If you are looking to qualify the CPA exam, working every day is a necessity and you just can’t bypass it. You need to put some good amount of efforts in order to be well versed with the different subjects and their extent.

2. Enrol for a course: When traveling an unknown path, it is always very safe to travel with someone who has been through it before. Yes, you should take some special guidance and assistance from qualified personnel. You might also choose an online course to get study material and practice tests so that you always stay in touch with the changing patterns and new introductions. You can also go through the latest Gleim guide to know more.

3. Manage time smartly and waste less of it: You need to manage your time well so as to give equal time and importance to each subject and part. Even while going for a jog and hitting the gym, try listening to the audio course so that you can revise what all you studied. Remember, every moment saved is every moment made so that you can utilize it for your best.

4. Cheat day: Just like the gym and exercise or your diet regime, keep a cheat day where you wouldn’t even think of studying at all. Go out, refresh yourself and enjoy a lot. This is the prize for studying sincerely over the week. And moreover, such treats will keep you motivated.

5. Last but not the least, be patient and screw the media. Yes, if you do want to excel and score a good rank in the exam, you need to be very patient and get yourself out of the social media addiction. Try not to visit any page or site that could waste your time and potentially screw with your concentration.

These tips are not the silver bullet for qualifying the exam, but would certainly help you in achieving a good score and giving your best in the CPA exam.

Prince2 Practitioner – Develop Yourself Into A Project Management Professional

Prince2 has become very dominant in the project management field that there are tens of thousands who are fully qualified as Prince2 Practitioner. People who undertake Prince2 training courses are not limited to project managers but managers from the public and private sectors who want to gain confidence in managing projects successfully. Prince2 is recognized as an international product focused on project management methods for greater control over resources and how to manage project risks more effectively. When you have the confidence to become a leader you commit less mistakes and you learn from those you have made which will ultimately help in saving both money and efforts.

Why should Prince2 be implemented in an organization?

Prince2 is applicable to all projects of an organization whether small or big since the methods for management are flexible. Whatever has been learned from the course that does not apply to a specific project can be left out but most definitely Prince2 has to be used for every project because most of the methods can be applied to an organization. In an organization, when a project in on the planning stage, it has to be justified and there must be logical plan to arrive at a successful outcome. The plan usually includes the length of time necessary, how much the project will cost and what resources will be used for the project. Since the project needs a leader, there must be a project manager who will oversee that the plan is followed and there is a consistent and common approach from the start until the project is completed. Prince2 provides project managers with the ability to apply whatever has been learned from the course in managing the project including risks.

How to manage project risks

It is not good enough to say that risks can be managed; they have to be identified since they can threaten the project’s objectives. Based on the Prince2 definition of risk, it is an uncertain event or a series of events that may occur which will affect a project. Risks will always have an impact, whether positive or negative which means that there must be some form of management action that can prevent the risk from happening or to control and minimize its effects. Risks will be different for every project because of size, importance and complexity but what is important is to decide on an approach on how the risks can be handled. For example, once a product becomes operational, there will be residual risks that are bound to occur and there must be an appropriate individual or organization who will manage these risks. This is what is referred to as risk management strategy.

Prince2 is being adopted by hundreds of organizations throughout the world because it is applicable for all types of businesses whether big or small. Since Prince2 offers a wide range of possibilities for growth and development of potential leaders of an organization, the next best thing you need to do is to take a training course and find out more about becoming a project management professional.

Buy Rental Property with 401K

A solo 401k is usually associated with people who have a strong desire to manage every aspect of their finances, all on their own. This is why many people seek
solo 401k advice .They find this advice in self help books, online, and through other avenues. Some people even turn to friends and family who have made wise retirement decisions in the past. The key is to understand the best ways to spend your 401k, and to understand when it is the best time to do so.

One of the more popular things to do, is to use your 401k to buy rental property. Prime rental properties will increase in value over time. They will command steep prices from renters who rent large family homes as well. This bodes well for people who wish to turn a profit from the rental homes that they acquire. Just make sure that you work with a reliable real estate agent in order to get the property that works the best for your budget. It pays to find one that has plenty of experience working with people as they search for that one property that will set them up.

Another reason why it is a great idea to buy rental property, is that it allows you to have a place for vacations. Vacation homes are hard to come by in places such as Martha’s Vineyard, for example. If you go ahead and buy one, then you will not have to worry about renting a spot in the future. Your kids will be thankful that you did this as well, since they will reap the benefits later on in life. Just make sure that you pick a vacation home that will actually increase in value over time. This will help you to get the most for your money.

The amount of assets that you acquire in retirement will ultimately help you to increase your family’s overall wealth. Consider how important it is for people to have investments that actually mean something to others. This means that smart investments will allow them to have financial flexibility, even when then economy is not at its best. If you are interested in increasing your family’s wealth, then you need to make sure that you buy a rental property in the right spot.

Rental homes are great under the right circumstances, but you need to pick a realtor who knows what he or she is doing. You worked hard to earn your retirement money, so you need to make sure that it becomes money well spent. Using it for frivolous ventures is not smart, and it is a quick way to disappointment in the end. Consult a financial adviser before you spend money on any new item, car, or rental home. You will be thankful you did when that home helps you to earn plenty of money.

An Instance of Government-regulated Fund

‘High risk, high return’ is a commonly applicable phrase in the world of investment or asset management. What makes a risk high is really a subjective issue and for many people depositing their money into some management other than the traditional bank is a high enough risk. Private banking is sometimes the term applied to having your savings in the management of an individual assets manager or advisor, or a company specializing in assets management services. When you consider that there is always a chance of losing a great deal because of an unforeseen event or development in the market, or simply through bad management, the risk is high indeed. People will be looking for individuals and companies who have the reputation and history of performing well, not failing to create real output with one’s savings and assets and known to be capable of reliable and accurate market assessment.

Still, a lot of people, wealthy or not, dream of high returns that can never be hoped for from the stable and conventional banks. They want to create substantial sums of money from their regular savings or capital without the venture of setting up a business, investing the necessary time and energy or employing personnel to sell more goods or services; all of which amounts to investment at high risk, after all.

When people experience a high risk without the expected return as the result of a failed management of their property, what they might come to opt for is stability. A profit that is still higher than one offered by the conventional banks, nothing spectacular but higher, and at the same time quite safe from drastic losses.

One form of investment in Australia can be described as a blend of private management and government regulation: it is the Australian superannuation, the most popular form of which is the Self managed superannuation fund. The superannuation is basically like an annuity but managed by employers or employees themselves, the contribution to which is made mandatory by the government. Apart from the compulsory proportion of salaries that have to be put into the fund, voluntary contribution is also encouraged.

The main motivation for the legislation and effective application of this kind of superannuation is to generate a systematic way to prepare for working people’s old age. Various governmental agencies such as the Australian Taxation Office(ATO), the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority(APRA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission(ASIC) and the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal(SCT) keeps watch on whether a superannuation fund complies with the law, by activities such as making sure fund members are provided for properly, dealing with taxation issues or offering arbitration in cases of conflict. The fact that most superannuation funds are the self-managed super funds suggests that people wish to have access to more direct information and right to choose investment options, although they have the rights to change funds when not satisfied with their current ones with other types of superannuation such as the industry funds or wholesale master trusts.

Can You Afford A Timeshare?

One of the biggest complaints about people who research websites like get rid of timeshare. These types of sites lead people to ways they can unload a timeshare, but it is not easy to do. A timeshare does not allow you to have equity. In many cases, people who buy timeshares end up spending thousands of dollars on just a small area. This is not the way to buy property, and in fact, you do not really own the property to begin with, you are only buying the time. If you do not actually go on vacation, then it is not worth it. You must assess whether or not you can actually afford one before buying it.

Unfortunately, timeshares are usually marketed to people who cannot afford them. These situations become worse whenever a person buys them with the hopes of turning a profit in the future. Perhaps even more troubling, is the fact that the timeshare industry is full of scammers. This makes people weary of coming anywhere near such deals. Once you buy a timeshare, you might be stuck with it for a very long time, whether you like it or not. Remember, timeshares are often marketed to people who do not have the funds to own them.

If you are interested in buying a timeshare, then you must first analyze your mortgage or rent. These monthly costs add up over time, and they can cause major issues for people who buy timeshares. Consider the fact that once you buy the timeshare for thousands of dollars, you must still contribute to yearly fees. These fees are usually hundreds of dollars, and they are put toward the maintenance of the timeshare location. Remember, you are not done spending money on the timeshare once you buy it.

You must also assess the costs associated with sending your kids to college, or to private school if they are younger. This is important, because these costs add up quite quickly as well. Take note of how much money you want to spend for your child’s future. Timeshares are hard to unload, so you must think many years in the future. A financial planner can help to guide you under these circumstances. They will help you to determine if the timeshare is a sound investment. Your kids should always come first, so make sure that you put enough money away to help them.

There are hidden yearly costs for other items as well. If you own a main home or car, then you have to pay an annual tax for those assets. For example, car taxes are usually hundreds of dollars. You must have a car, however, in order to get to the timeshare. Consider how much money you are able to spend before getting locked into a contract.

Appreciation Certificates

Buying employees and other staff members a gift is considered to be a nice gesture but on the hand making of a personalized gift will be relatively affordable and appreciated than any other thing that money could be able to buy. Therefore if you are looking for an affordable gift which is an alternative to the usual gift ideas for specific holidays and any relevant occasions then you should consider creating customized office awards or appreciation certificates or any other of the customized gifts that you can print online.  When you give your staff a gift that has been particularly bought from a gift shop the impression will surely last for a short while but if you personally craft and design an appreciation certificate your impression will last for some long time.

Personalized gifts are indeed a good option that is much more intimate and cost effective. It does not matter whether it’s a gift for your assistant or your partner or that helpful employee from a different department, the act making gifts personally will definitely tell your staff how much you really value their efforts. You can find the best certificates templates online from which you can be able to design gifts including ones for the Best Employee award and the Early Bird award to just name a few. Or you could just choose a particular layout plus design that you love and then make up the award on your own, plus you can make appreciation certificates, poems and so many other things that can be done using online certificate templates.  All you need to do is just printing the default layout then go on to put it in a specific frame, then wrap it very well and then give it to your workmate, indeed its the simplest and fastest methods of designing a gift.  Template certificates are easy to find as there are so many websites out there that provide the services.

The good thing about customized gifts is that you can be able to make a cost effective and simple gift without being a cheapskate. There are a number of affordable gifts that are out there and are very affordable for every reason. Template certificates are almost free, the only things that you will have to worry about are ink and paper for printing which are the cheapest things are around. At the same time giving out a customized gift will provide you with the ability to indicate every detail about the award.  From the layout of the template, the frame and the designs provided up to the paper that is to be used, everything is totally within your disposal. You can find certificate templates here, a variety of designs and tools that will guide you into making a great certificate gift that will be probably appreciated by the intended recipient.  Indeed, whether you are looking forward to save money or be thoughtful on the type of gift to give out, personalized certificate awards or gifts are the best way to express yourself. Below a video for more details;

Profit from Advertising

Businesses are established to gain profits. It requires a lot of work to get to where other booming businesses are. First you have to start right and establish the business’s products and services. Your products and services may be the core of your business but it would require you to do a lot of efforts to reach the peak of your business’s success.

First off, you need to focus. Focus on the goals you have specifically made for your business. Every time you come across an opportunity, it does not mean that you should take it. Take a step back and see the whole picture first, this opportunity might be your downfall. With the handful of tasks you have in your mind and soul, make sure that you do not get lost in all the work that you have to do. Get your priorities in line and start at the top. Do not get yourself confused. Get things done one by one. Do it carefully and with fewer mistakes. It would not pay for you to hastily finish your tasks which would result into a poorly made product.

Second tip is for you to know what you are doing. Research is always the key to unlocking more knowledge in what you are doing. You would not be able to succeed in a business which you do not know by heart. Before venturing down the business of your choice, learn more about it! Don’t fill your mind with useless information; fill it up with information that would aid you in becoming a better businessman!

My last tip is for you to advertise! Your business will never be made known to other markets if you do not work for it. The products that you produce are not sufficient enough to keep your business afloat. Continuous advertisement is needed to entice your customers. Spread the word of how good your product’s quality is! Sooner than you think, your business may be flocked by the market you never knew you would have. Banners and signs are one of the most common advertising tool that would help you tickle your customers’ shopping bone!

SignsFx is here to help you to spread the great news of your products! With your hand picked design, you could boost your business’s image! Making your ad has never been this easy or affordable. SignsFx allows you to customize your own sign, banner or magnetics online with less hassle! A high quality professional sign creator is offered to you free of charge to help you easily make your own creative sign! Grab your laptop and connect to the net, start opening your browser and type in
, scroll around a little bit and start designing your own sign! You can now make your own sign! Affordable prices side by side with the great quality are given to your customized signs! SignsFx invites you to visit their site and help each other in boosting both your businesses! Visit SignsFx now and create your banner!


Picking The Right Corporate Gifts For The Right People

There is a wide and misunderstood definition of corporate gifts going around. People think that corporate gifts are solely those small trinkets and pens that corporations give you every Christmas.

In fact, a lot of things are corporate gifts that you would not even think of.

Extra days off, bonuses, raises, better office conditions, hardware and software updates for your office, certain bonuses and conditions that were not discussed during the interview, etc.

There is however a second side to the tory which nobody thinks of.

How many times did you think of giving a gift to the corporation?

Literally, people are forgetting that gifts are about giving, not about receiving, and for that, you first need to know what you are looking for.

First off, think of the person that you want to give a gift to.

What position does he or she occupy in the company? How many people does he or she manage? What are his or he daily tasks?

If it is for your direct boss, you should also take into consideration the type of person that he or she is. Everyone likes to laugh, however certain people get amused by different things, or are impressed by different things, so take a minute and think.

You’re not looking or something expensive, or something lavish and cocky. You are looking for a simple, elegant and respectful gift that you can give your boss and not feel sorry about later.

One good piece of advice that I would give you is to stay away from office supplies. Worst idea ever.

If you know that he or she has a family, buy a nice little picture frame so that he or she can have that nice picture of his or her family on his or her desk.

If you know that your boss is a car enthusiast, buy a small model car. Does not have to be expensive, a $5 will do just as well. It is the thought that counts, and with your gift, you are not just saying “happy holidays”, you are also saying “I know who you are, and I am your friend”.

You have no idea how comforting it is for a boss to know that he or she actually has a proper friend within his or her employees.

Also, try to dig out as much information about your boss as possible. Favorite color, hobbies, favorite leisure activities, etc.

This just makes life a lot easier when picking a gift.

A very important detail is whether or not he or she has a small child, and if that is the case remember to buy something for the little one as well.

Indeed, gifting is not an easy task, and there are a lot of ways in which you can go wrong, however there are also a lot of ways in which you will find Corporate Gifts South Africa, and that moment you look in your bosses eyes as he or she says “thank you”, will count a lot next time you go and ask him or her for a raise.

Organizing A Storage Unit Properly

Packing properly for you storage experience is one thing, but no self storage information is complete without organizing the unit too. And don’t think that it doesn’t matter because you won’t be using the unit- you never know when you might need something out of storage. Even if the items stay there untouched until you move them out again, the relocation procedure will be so much easier with these simple organizational tips.

Start with a plan.

It’s frustrating and time consuming trying to work out all the details on the day. Start with a rough idea of how you will be packing, so it only needs to be fine tuned when you’re actually on site. It will be quicker and less frustrating. Once you sign the hire-contract, you should be able to ask for dimensions and details of the unit.

Elevate your possessions.

Grab some old pallets to place underneath the items you’re storing. This prevents direct contact with the floor, which will make it less attractive to pests like ants, rats and silverfish, and also keep air circulating around the goods so mildew and moisture won’t get trapped. Make sure the floor of the unit is clean when you start packing, for similar reasons.

Moisture is not your friend.

Anything wet will carry moisture into the unit, and encourage mildew. So don’t store anything that’s damp in the unit. This includes appliances that habitually store moisture- freezers, washing machines etc- which need to be thoroughly taken out of commission and dried before the storage day. Leave doors cracked slightly on such appliances, just to be safe. Make use of silica gel and moisture packs to help fight of any damp that may occur. Use mothballs and rat bait too.

Know how to store different items.

Take some time to figure out the least damaging way to store specific items. For example, frames and mirrors should always be stored standing, not lying flat as they’re braced better like that. However, books should be lying flat within the box and not standing, as it will damage the spines. Make sure things you may need soon are near the front, and less likely to be used items near the back. As a rule of thumb, taller items should be towards the back too. Don’t be afraid to dismantle furniture to make the best of the space- unless it’s an antique and you’re not sure how to.

Don’t over-stack.

It’s tempting, but keep stack sizes small. Not only will you appreciate it when you have to get to something in the bottom of the stack, but over-stacking invites collapse of the bottom layer and, of course, toppling. Be sensible, and keep heavy things to the bottom layers and lighter to the top. You can, however, get canny by using the inside of wardrobes etc to store a box or two.

Peace of mind.

Look in to insurance for your goods if you have concerns. Also make sure that you’re satisfied that the facility is secure and safe for your possessions.

Organizing a storage unit properly is easy if you know how- just follow these simple storage solutions.

Start Learning How To Produce Music! You Can Get It Done By Yourself Now!

Music production has a lot of things to offer you at this point of time. You didn’t have most of these opportunities before because the advances in technology weren’t as powerful as they are now. When you wanted a good quality track made for you and completely edited so it would sound like something you would be able to hear on a CD. To get to this point, if you want to skip all of the work, you can just hire someone to handle production for you and never have to worry about it again. This, even though it might be simple at first, turns out to be quite an issue, as money is not something everyone can set out for this purpose. Instead of spending tons of cash, why not try and do it yourself? It might sound a bit extraordinary at first, but the truth is that you can do it if you dedicate yourself and have a strong will to learn. You can easily start off with this procedure by looking for the most basic of the available music production courses information, so you can learn where to find the good place to start learning.

You should be able to find a lot of the courses. Some of them you have to pay for, others can be free, it all comes down to how much time and effort you can put in before you can find what you need. The music production courses information is available through multiple methods. You can find some of those courses on YouTube and watch them, or you can find the pdf documents and download them so you can start reading right away and educate yourself properly. If you aren’t a big fan of watching videos or staring at a computer screen, the music production courses information for you is best found packed right into the program you are going to download. Not all developers will go through the hassle of creating one for you, but most of them should leave at least the most basic outlines which should help you understand the program better, learn and see how it works and then be able to start using it.

The programs will sometimes have an interactive tutorial which will usually cover just the basics of it, but you will be able to learn a lot of other things the program has to offer on your own, by testing and experimenting with the features you are offered. When you start looking for the music production courses information, keep in mind that not all of them are going to be free. In fact, most of them won’t be, because someone had to sit out and compose the entire course, make it easily understandable and then let you learn from it much more efficiently than you would have if you chose to do it on your own.

Electronic Signatures and Branding

More people are consulting the information found on an electronic signature review website than ever before. This is due to the fact that the e-signature is becoming a part of mainstream society. More businesses are turning to this form of signing because it is quick and easy to accomplish. It allows you to focus on more important things, such as expanding your brand, and the electronic signature is a major piece to that puzzle. If you want to expand your brand and market yourself, use an electronic signature.

The first step to branding is to attach your electronic signature to everything that you do, or everything that you are affiliated with. Every time you are required to sign something electronically, use your e-signature. This is the best way to get your name out there, regardless of what it is you are selling. However, it is really important to do this if you work for yourself. Practice your electronic signature until you find one that you like the most, and only use this one for every transaction that you make. Over time this signature can be used as a part of your logo, and it will identify you, and what you represent professionally.

Another aspect to making your brand known is to make your e-signature unique. Consider some of the more famous signatures on major brands. One of those signatures is owned by Charles Schwab. Everyone within that business can recognize his signature easily among others. It is a good idea to practice your signature on a piece of paper first, and then replicate it online. You can even scan it and then save it as your main signature to use in your business dealings.

One of the next steps is to associate your electronic signature with your product or service. If you sell SEO services, for example, then you should place your signature at the top of your website next to the main logo. Some people even make their e-signature their main logo. This is an effective strategy for creating a significant online presence. People will begin to associate your name with the products you sell. If they ever see the signature in an advertisement, then they will know exactly who you are.

Aside from using your electronic signature on your products and website, you should also take steps to always use it with your customers. Place it on invoices to remind them about who they are working with. It also pays off to sign all e-mails with this same exact signature as well. This allows you to get the name out there without being too forceful. You are only spreading it through authentic measures, and your clients will respect you for that.

The Lending Club Gears Up For An Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The Lending Club, an online financial marketplace platform that was once considered a fringe alternative, has announced it is gearing up to go public later this year. To that end, it has engaged the assistance of Morgan Stanley in its preparations. What will this mean for online financial platforms in general, and should you line up to purchase once it is publicly available?
Impact for Other Online Loan Start-ups
Initially, the concept of peer-to-peer loans began as a method for individuals to help provide credit to marginalized people, sometimes in the developing world. For example, an individual investor could invest toward funding a small loan of say $1500 for a woman’s textile weaving business in another country. With the money the woman made from selling her textiles, she would repay the loan with a small amount of interest.
In the mid-2000s, several tech companies latched onto the idea of bringing the concept into the larger marketplace, effectively taking on the banks that had historically been lenders. Lending Club, a Silicon Valley start up, focused on attracting credit-worthy borrowers and connecting them with willing lenders, effectively cutting out the middle man (the bank or credit card companies). By focusing on the affordability of their platform and product, and seeking out more credit-worthy borrowers, the company has grown into a multi-billion dollar company that has helped broker billions of dollars in loans.
The success of the Lending Club has led to other online loan start-up companies. If the Lending Club is able to successfully complete an IPO, it will lend prestige to not only the Lending Club, but could function as a plus for these other start-ups as well. As a publicly traded company, the Lending Club would pave the way for other, formerly fringe financial businesses to expand and grow with more acceptance in the marketplace.

Impact for Investors
The internet has changed the landscape of many industries. The financial marketplace is now the newest industry that appears to be undergoing a change due to companies like the Lending Club. With annual rates of return for investors reported to be much higher than those of other, more traditional investments, it looks to be a smart strategy to invest at least as an individual investor by loaning money diversified across a number of loans.
As investors consider whether to also purchase stock once the company goes public, consider that when Face book had their IPO, the prices plunged significantly before rebounding. As tech companies are newer, and the concepts are innovative, it is possible the initial offering price will drop before rebounding. However, the Lending Club has shown a significant increase in profits, and appears to be a sound business model that promises continued growth into the future. As for any other investment, consider carefully. For more information about the Lending Club , check here.