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Progressive Slots

When you read or hear the words "Win a jackpot," it's this kind of gaming machine that you think of first and foremost. A progressive jackpot slot is a slot machine that, in addition to the gains you get when you get symbols in a row, can also combine big winnings in different ways. Here we will tell you more about how a jackpot works, who usually pay out the best winnings and what to think about when you spin them.

This is how it works

A dewi casino game is basically a regular slot, with a small difference. In addition to the regular winning chances, it has one or more jackpot you can win by either obtaining a certain combination of symbols, randomly or by ending in some kind of bonus game.

The progressive jackpot is filled up by all of us who play on the current machine and that with a certain percentage of our bet. How many percent goes to the high profit varies between the different slot machines. If a slot allows 1% of your bet to go to the jackpot, this means that for each bet of the hundred bet, the win will increase with a crown. If we count the theoretical amount a little fast, it may look like this:

100 game sites offer a progressive slot, while at these casinos there are at the same time 1 000 people who bet $ 50 a minute. 100 x 1000 x 0.5 (1% of 100kr) = 50,000kr per minute enters the common pot. This is ongoing all the time until someone wins the pot which is then reset (or goes back to a predetermined amount).

Keep track of the rules of the game you play: Most jackpots today allow you to win the big winnings no matter how much or how little you want to bet per game, but some slot machines require you to bet the maximum allowable bet for the jackpot to be active. Therefore, always read a little before you start spinning because it would be extremely annoying to get the correct symbols just to find that they only give a "regular high gain"!

What happens if I win really big?

We suspect that you will first and foremost cheer out loud and you will have a very nice feeling in your stomach! Then it will be practical, how do you really get used to getting his tax-free income into your bank account? It's actually easier than you can imagine! Everyone who wins really big will be contacted by the gaming company you play, and they will first of all congratulate you on your winnings. Then the win will be controlled by both the casino and the game manufacturer who delivered the game and after that you will receive your winnings. You do not have to think about withdrawal limits because they guide you all the way.

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