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Popular Casino Games

Accustomed or simple player of a night, the atmosphere of a casino never leaves indifferent one who dares to venture there. Between the noise of slot machines, the shouts and laughter of people, evening wear, multiple colors, play mats to carpets, and neon lights slot machines, the casino is a pleasure for them. eyes and senses.

Slot Machines

First contact with the world of gaming, with slot machines, nothing is simpler, just pull on the lever and watch the thumbnails scroll quickly before his eyes, until the stop, hoping that the images will be well aligned. Their principle is such that it is easy to fall addicted, at the risk of leaving much more than his shirt?


Roulette is the other big game popular with the public and one of the most lucrative for homeowners. Its success comes from the fact that it is easy to play roulette. Just bet on a red or black color, on one or more numbers, choose between the height or parity of the number that you hope to see, and let the ball thrown on the wheel make its way, until at his total stop.


Originally a casino game, the success of the poker game was such that it finally came out of the halls. International competitions, TV channels, poker is now played around the world and watched with fascination by the general public, who holds his breath every time a player dares a stroke. Even if it is a game of chance, winning poker relies heavily on the ability of the player to guess the intentions of his opponents, namely to assess the risks and of course to allow himself to bluff.


With poker, this is one of the most popular casino card games. Today, this mythical game appeared in the eighteenth century under the name of 21 exists in two variants. In blackjack, each player gathered around a table, must obtain a much larger number of points than the dealer also called the bank, but without exceeding 21, otherwise the bet is lost. Among the possibilities available to him, he can keep two cards in hand, double the stake compared to another player or share a pair.


Especially played in the United States, craps is an agent game that is played with only two dice. From one croupier to blackjack, we go to 4 craps. Thus we find, the head of the table who is there to ensure that the rules are well respected, two other dealers for placing bets and pay for winning bets and pick up losing bets, and finally the stick man who is the one who runs the game.

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