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Variants Of Online Poker

Do you like poker? Do you follow all major tournaments? Do you participate and play online until the end of the night against players from all over the world? How about entertaining yourself even more by discovering all the most popular variations of this legendary card game? These variants could earn you even more than the classic poker games you play every day! Come on, follow us to learn all about the most popular poker variations on online casinos!


Poker has two so-called exotic variants, and Pai Gow poker is one of them! This variant is extremely easy to use, which will please novices, who would be looking for a slower pace of play than in conventional poker games Your mission, if you accept it, will be to overcome the croupier on the basis of two hands: one being the main hand and the other the secondary hand. Know that if your hands total 9 points, you will automatically win! Why? Well because "Pai Gow" means nine in Chinese! This variant of poker is synonymous with intermediate entertainment for poker players that are synonymous with pay!


And now, this is the second exotic variant of poker, it is the Carribean Stud! The magic of this variant of poker is based on the contribution of small amounts of money that will be added to a jackpot as a progressive jackpot. This nice jackpot can reach thousands of euros on online casinos and this is one of the main assets of this variant. To win this super jackpot, all you need is to get the divine hand, the sacred hand, which is the Flush! But you will also have other possibilities to win the jackpot with other hands, such as a Full or a Color.


Texas Hold'em is by far the most popular poker variant and that's why we've booked the best for last! This variant of poker is played with two private cards and five community cards. Texas Hold'em poker is the most played poker variant and has no wagering or betting restrictions. It also corresponds to the main event of the World Series of Poker, which remains the most popular poker competition in the world. The game takes place mostly between two players, face to face, hence the expression "heads up" and you can count up to 10 players maximum at the table, the "full ring" .You will win the game by getting the best hand, or by having all players throw their cards!

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