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Video Poker

Video Poker is available in several variants. Here we are talking about; the more the merrier. Even though it may be difficult to choose between so many different types of video poker games, it means that entertainment and excitement are in infinity. To make it a little easier for you, you can see which video poker variants are most popular right now:

Jacks or Better: Is one of the oldest and most popular video poker games available. You must have at least one pair in jack to win. Jacks or Better is also the easiest video poker game - making it the perfect choice for those who have not played video poker earlier.

Bonus Video Poker: In this video poker game you play the same rules as in Jacks or Better in parhaat netti kasinot. The big difference, however, is that there is a greater profit of 4 equal and the higher the value of the four equal cards, the greater the bonus you get.

Bonus Games in Video Poker

Many video poker games also have a bonus game every time you win. You can then choose to play with the amount won. What you need to do is guess if the next card drawn from the card will turn red or black. Are you guessing right then doubles your winnings. Then you can keep guessing the whole time as long as you're right. It can then be large amounts when you get up to 32 or 64 times the money. If you guess wrong, you'll get rid of it all. In this, there is no strategy, but it is pure luck that determines if you win in the bonus game or not.

Big Progressive Jackpots

What video poker game you choose is of course up to you. You can always be sure to get good entertainment, and one big advantage of video poker is that it suits you well to lose your bonus because it has such a high dividend rate. Besides, you can find video poker games with progressive jackpots, which usually have astronomical gains. However, it's quite unusual with such games today because most progressive jackpots are slot machines. Finally, the advantage of video poker games is that you can play them whenever you want because the online casino is open to you 24 hours a day. No dress code is required or travel to the casino and when you win you do not have to give the dealer any drink.

Video Poker Strategy

Unlike slots as a pure play, there is actually a certain measure of strategy in video poker. However, you should keep in mind that the bank always has a take over regardless of which slot you are playing at here suomi kaupunki. However, some basic strategies are available: If you have got a crawler, always keep the highest card, preferably if it is a jack or higher and hope you can get a dress card or a jacket on the given. Do you have a low pair under jacket then bet rather than color (flash) if there is a chance. Try playing free video poker before playing for real money so you can learn which hands give dividends. With a perfect strategy that means you're paying for the maximum amount, you can reach an advantage over the bank of over 100%.

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