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Online Slot Machines

Slots or slot machines are one of the most common online casino games available both online and at physical casinos. Slot machines are a modern variant of the old slot machines where you had to pull the arm to see the wheels spin. Today, there are lots of game manufacturers who have developed the slot machines to be lucrative, exciting and fun to play, with lots of different features and ways to win. Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of slot machines!

What exactly is a slot machine?

A slot machine is the most common group of games at an online casino today. No matter which casino you log in to, you will always find a wide category of different slots to play. You recognize a slot machine by its appearance; they are similar to classic slot machines in that they have a certain number of reels and lines that spin with a set of symbols. Under the actual set of reels, you will find buttons where you set the coin value, bet level and the number of activated paylines.

All this affects how much you play for in each spin, as well as how much you have a chance to win each time. There are slot machines where you have a greater chance of winning if you play high and others where it pays to lie low. It may therefore be worthwhile to try playing for free a few times before you start playing for money. One slot machine is seldom the same as the other, and today it is very popular to develop slots with imaginative themes, different bonus rounds, free spins, special symbols and different sets of reels. There are slot machines for all tastes and that is probably why they have become so popular in online casinos. A dear child has many names, but when it comes to slots or slot machines, you must not confuse it with casino games that many believe are the same thing. Casino games are basically the umbrella term for all the games of chance that you can play, whether it is at physical casinos, or at online casinos.

Coin value, bet level and paylines

There are three things that you control when you play on a slot machine coin value, bet level and how many paylines you want activated. In short, the coin value is how much you bet on each payline. This value can vary between different slots, but it is common for you to choose from 0.1 up to 5 coins per payline. If you bet one kroner per line and win 10, then you have won 10. If you had bet 5 kroner and won ten, you would win 50 back. When determining the bet level, you choose whether you want to multiply your bet per spin. Should the maximum coin value be 5 and you still want to bet more per spin, you can therefore increase the bet level so that you have a chance to win even more each time. Sometimes you can multiply your bet up to 10 times. Last but not least, you decide the paylines. A slot machine can have anywhere from 3 to 243 paylines and it is you who decides how many you want to play on. In some slot machines they are set and cannot be changed, but in most you activate the ones that will generate profit.

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