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Ethical Issues Related with Casino Gambling

Casinos are now a becoming a favorite place for gamblers to dabble with variety of gambling games whether it is related with land-based casinos or the online casinos. The Casino gaming industry has spread its tentacles globally and the pace of growth has increased with the advent of internet technology. Now those interested in playing games in these casinos can at the touch of button or keyboard are entering the world of casinos by just sitting in the luxury of their homes. But sociologists, physicians and psychologists are duly concerned with the ethical issues related with casino gambling. These professionals do fear that gambling is turning into addiction and is much a problem as in case of drug addiction.

The rise and popularity of the best online casino Australia and use of gambling as a method of raising funds for charitable organizations do poses many social and ethical issues. The availability of gambling opportunities within the society is creating special problems for those who are addicted to gambling activities. Reports suggest that casino gambling is forcing the public policy makers to deal with issues that are touching the various aspects that includes the addiction, senior living, organized crime, Neurobiology, suicide, divorce, taxation, tribal rights, sports and religion etc. There are some of the ethical issues that are associated with the casino gambling and these include the below mentioned factors that must be considered seriously by the policy makes and Governmental authorities who legalized or intend to legalize casino gambling. The main factors that are to be considered are:

• Casino gambling is leading to compulsive gambling in certain cases.

• It is also responsible directly or indirectly in attracting crime that includes drugs and prostitution rackets.

• Creating traffic congestions in areas where the land based casinos are operating and also causing the rise in pollution levels due to vehicular traffic.

• Casino gambling is also responsible for eroding the work ethics in the form of loss of productivity due to gambling addiction in persons engaged in full time employment and in some cases also resulting in loss of employment or jobs.

• The easy availability of online casinos like at homes and the ability to fund the gambling activities through online bank transactions and credit cards is resulting in the addictive online gambling. Statistics do indicate that if the person if the person has to get up and go to a land-based casino he or she will not go as frequently, but if the same casinos are made available online then such person will likely to gamble more frequently.

• The other important ethical issue related with casino gambling is the linking of casinos with the charity or other worthwhile causes. A gambling addict will be forced to rationalize his or her addictive behavior when he or she finds that the concerned casino is parting some of its revenue to charity or any other social causes.

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