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Rules of Blackjack

The blackjack as we used to call the 21, you will understand why then, is a card game that originated several other games. In all casinos, you now have tables reserved for the game of blackjack, which is gaining more and more followers. The concept to create a scratching game in the likeness of blackjack, which is to say the popularity of this game. Today, we present to you the rules of blackjack so that you can master the casino game. Then, we advise you to take knowledge of the basic strategies and card counting which will allow you to put all the chances on your side when playing your game of blackjack.

The rules of Blackjack are simple, you will be seated at a table with a dealer who will be your direct opponent and who will represent the bank. You will also have next to you other players but which will have no effect on you or your game, each player has only one opponent, the croupier. In Blackjack, your objective is going to be to have a hand that will be stronger than the Banker's, which will be closest to or equal to 21 but not exceeding that number, in which case your hand will be eliminated.

One of the very important rules of the blackjack game the value of the cards:-

This is one of the key rules for all online blackjack connoisseurs. The cards you have in your hand are going to be important since they will determine whether or not you win. Each card in blackjack has a special value. Learn card values by heart so you can calculate your hand's value at a glance:

1 point or 11 points for the ace, you decide according to what suits you.

10 points for a face.

Cards from 2 to 10 are worth their nominal value.

The actions you will take at Blackjack online: -

In online blackjack, depending on what you have as the first two cards, you may decide to perform game actions. The rule offers 6 options:

Stop: You are satisfied with your initial hand. So you don't draw any more cards, you wait for the final comparison.

Draw: your initial hand seems a little weak to you, so you draw one or more cards to increase its value.

Split: You have a pair in your initial hand, so you split the pair into two separate hands. You will therefore have a second bet to make. You can then apply the options on each hand.

Double up: you will double your stake and receive an additional card, only one.

Give up: some casinos allow you to give up the round if you think you can't do anything with your hand; you just lose half of your initial bet.

To insure: you will be able to take insurance if the visible card of the croupier is an ace. You will then add 0.5 times your initial bet. If the dealer is blackjack then you neither lose nor win anything. If no blackjack and you lose you lose 1.5 times your original bet but if you win you win 0.5 times your original bet. We advise you never to take insurance if you play without counting the cards. The odds prove that this strongly favors the house.

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