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Craps Casino

Craps is a dice game that may seem complicated, especially for new customers. Nevertheless, there are very many casino users who have put their love into the game and today you hardly find an online casino that has excluded this stimulating game. However, with a little introduction to the game rules, as well as some practice in a free demo version, you will feel pretty quick to play with your own money. The game is therefore a hands-on game where you learn the fastest way by throwing yourself into the game's exciting disputes.


Similar to many other old games, there is also a discussion about what the origins of today's craps were. The crap of the time then went under the name of Hazard, a game that was used in social contexts among the country's elite. As with many other games here at, this game also began to migrate. First of all, emigrated the game to France where the name was changed to today's name, craps. Craps in the country actually mean the losing throw of two, which refers to one of the principles of the game.


When you first see a craps table it is important that you do not let yourself be scared. We previously implied that craps may seem complicated, but with some basic rules inboard you can easily get the turn on this game too. As with other betaams blog, you must make an effort to play. Furthermore, the game starts with the first dice box called "come out roll". While some bets can be placed before this throw, other bets can be placed after the "come out roll". If the two dice now show together the values 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12, the round will end. If the value is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the value will be "the point". The dice will then be thrown completely to "the point" or the value 7 will appear on the dice.


There is no 1-2-3 guide to safe victory in craps, but of course, there are some tricks that can ensure a smarter game. Like all other games that involve money, it's important that you make a play budget. Furthermore, it is important that you stick to the limits you have set for yourself. Because craps offer many different bets, it's also important that you have a relatively good overview of which bets are beneficial in what situations. This is based partly on basic knowledge, but also on player experience. We, therefore, recommend that you try a free demo version of the game before you pay your own money.

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