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Roulette Rules

A casino can hardly call a casino if it does not offer Roulette, regardless of whether it's a regular casino or online casino. Despite the fact that everyone apparently knows about this game, it is not always clear which rules apply to the various variants you usually find in a well-stocked casino. The differences are small, but can be crucial to the winning chances.

The Basic Rules

Roulette consists as we know of a wheel with numbers, different colors and a small ball which, after the wheel has started spinning lands in one of the wheel pockets. Before spinning the wheel, the player must choose the size of the bet and the number to bet. In a regular casino you can usually bet yourself while the wheel spins until the croupier cries that the time the bet has to stop. In online casinos here at, the layout of the game is the same, but it looks a bit different in the computer screen format.

Special Rules

There are some typical Roulette rules you should know in case they become relevant. Such a rule is called En Prison. According to this rule, a player who has bet a steady amount can get back half of the bet if the ball ends at zero. It may also mean that the player can let his bet be "jail" and use it again in the next round of the game. If the ball should end again then the entire bet will be lost. Another similar rule is called La Partage. This rule also gives the opportunity to regain half the bet if the ball lands at zero, but you can not use prison, so save your bet for the next round of play. Even if you think that you know these rules, it's always advisable to check what the specific casino means with its rules. In this way, you know what odds apply when you bet their money.


Roulette is about luck and again luck. If someone tries to claim something else and furthermore will pay for his tip, it's just closing the ears. There are many systems that promise a far more successful game at, but these systems usually have no effect and it is best to avoid them completely. You can certainly use strategy to decide how to bet and where to play. First of all, it is advisable to choose the best odds version, and this should be the online version of Roulette. It is also wise to bet in such a way that the gaming team is preserved while keeping one's bank account healthy.

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