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Video Poker Online

Like blackjack, video poker requires a solid strategy. When playing video poker, you have the opportunity to make different choices, and if you make the right choices, you can significantly reduce the benefit of the house. In blackjack, the player follows what is called a base strategy. This strategy explains how to play in a given situation, and there is always only a right choice here at If you want to reduce the house's long-term benefit, you must play video poker the same way you play blackjack. You must use an accepted strategy and use it properly. Video poker is based on classic dark poker. You are always assigned five cards and you can swap any of these cards (usually you can swap once). For each video poker hand, there are 32 different ways to play the hand.

Payout Tables

To find a correct strategy, you must first select the right game. Video poker is available in a variety of variants, and you should choose the poker variants with the best winnings. Payout tables can be found directly on the video poker machine (or on screen). The tables range from less than 90 percent to (in unusual cases) 100 percent. The payout for different poker hands is listed as to how many credits you choose to play with. Except when you get a gambling, the odds for poker hands do not change when you bet more credits.

Full Pay Machine

The most important thing before you start playing is to find a so-called "fullpay" machine. These have the biggest payouts. If you're looking for a Jacks or Better fullpay machine, you'll find the payments for full house and flush. If it is a full-pay machine, you must win 9 units for full house and 6 units for flush for each unit you bet. These are often called 9/6 machines. If you want the best payouts, you should stick to these machines and avoid 8 / 5-, 7 / 5- and 6/5 machines.


Once you have chosen a video poker online you want to play on, you must find an optimal strategy. There is a specific strategy guide for each poker machine that explains how to play on that particular machine. Spend time learning an optimal strategy. There are free video poker software that you can download to help you practice your knowledge. Some programs follow how you play and tell you how well you follow the strategy for the specific game. Strategies vary greatly from game to game so it's best to choose a poker variant that you like and learn the relevant strategy.

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